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What is a "modality"?
A modality is a "therapeutic method or agent that involves the treatment of a disorder", or "the way in which something happens or is experienced".
In Energy 4 Wellness the word "modality" means the "method" or the "system" we use to reconnect the body to the state of well-being.

What is Body Code & Emotion Code?
The Body Code is simple enough that a child can learn to do it, yet powerful enough that doctors and healers all over the world rely on it to heal their patients.

What is Self-Referencing?
Self-referencing is a tendency for people to encode information differently depending on the level on which the self is implicated in the information. When people are asked to remember information when it is related in some way to the self, the recall rate can be improved.

What is Pranic Healing?
Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine.

What is Sway Testing?
Sway Testing is a self-testing method to get a natural response from your body.

What is AP2H?
AP2H is a reference point for how to turn on your energy.

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